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The project has the following goals:

  • To consolidate an epistemic community that encourages the participation of young African researchers in the area of poverty reduction and sustainable development (with a particular focus on female participation)
  • To strengthen and revitalise the partnership between UiB and UKZN through joint activities within research and education
  • To increase the mobility of students and staff between UiB and UKZN
  • To internationalise existing study programmes through the availability of online teaching resources from other institutions, as well a virtual reading room
  • To strengthen the field of sustainability science at the partner institutions and beyond
  • To develop a joint curriculum on Poverty and Sustainable Development that can be used for online or onsite courses-at the partner institutions and beyond.

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The expected results of this project with regard to achieving long-term impact are:

  • A positive change in the scientific understanding of poverty and sustainable development
  • A consolidated long-term partnership between UiB and UKZN
  • An established exchange programme of students and staff between UiB and UKZN that will see the exchange of a minimum of 10 UiB students, 10 UKZN students, as well as around 20 staff exchanges form the three cooperating institutions over the course of the project period.
  • Jointly developed educational tools, including virtual reading room
  • Internationalisation at home for non-mobile students
  • An established pattern of reciprocal participation at the summer schools/ intensive courses run by the UiB and UKZN, with collaboration from CODESRIA
  • Four summer schools / intensive courses will have been run- two in Bergen and two in South Africa
  • Graduate students will have participated in two international scientific CROP workshops
  • The publication and dissemination of two publications coming out of the CROP workshops, in addition to a minimum of eight CROP Poverty Briefs